DEUTZWorld - Edition 1 - 2018

2 DEUTZ WORLD 1 I 2018 3 EDITORIAL CONTENTS Dear readers, Have you noticed? There is a buzz in the air at DEUTZ. A new dynamic is pervading all our business segments. We are especially excited about our electrification solutions, and I am happy to confirm: our E-DEUTZ strategy is gaining momentum! Recently, we presented our first off-highway hybrid demonstrator to the public at Intermat in Paris. It is a combination of a TCD 2.9 diesel engine and a 55 kW e-machine. This highlight has been the first main step towards expanding our project portfolio with innovative drive solutions. As you can see, DEUTZ is moving forward. Driving change and establishing ourselves as technological leaders is important to us. Our company is synonymous with innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Wherever DEUTZ engines are in use, customers have good reason to be confident. DEUTZ is reliable. We want to meet our clients’ high requirements as well as our own and offer efficient, even more environmentally friendly engines to the market. This is why we constantly advance our company and products. This current issue of our customer magazine gives you an insight into how we achieve this and the places where DEUTZ is active. We hope you enjoy reading this issue! All the best, Dr Frank Hiller, CEO IMPRINT DEUTZ WORLD , Edition 1/2018 Published by: DEUTZ AG Ottostraße 1, 51149 Cologne Person responsible: Janina Decker, Public Relations Director: Janina Decker Phone: +49 (0)221 822 24 93 Fax: +49 (0)221 822 15 24 93 E-Mail: Editorial team: Janina Decker, Michael Ziegler Design: Diamond media GmbH, Miria de Vogt Printing: Druckerei Engelhardt Picture credits: Janina Decker, DEUTZ AG, Nils Hendrik Müller, shutterstock. com, Torqeedo GmbH Note: Gender differentiation has not been applied in this document for reasons of improved legibility. The relevant terms apply for both genders in the sense of equal treatment. SCR technology: compact and flexible 21 Välkommen till Sverige DEUTZ at the low-temperature test in Kiruna 22 CUSTOMERS Aiming high with DEUTZ Power Liebherr relies on DEUTZ engines 24 SERVICE DEUTZ expands its Engine Plus programme 26 Xchange Fast Lane 27 The right equipment in any situation 27 INFORMATIVE FACTS China opts for environmentally friendly engines Michael Wellenzohn visits the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology 28 QUALITY Quality is the key to success 30 IN DIALOGUE “DEUTZ is a strong brand” Dr Andreas Strecker is the newest member of the DEUTZ AG executive board 14 PRODUCTS A real winner The TCD 9.0 is the DIESEL OF THE YEAR 16 Electric energy on the water DEUTZ assembles Torqeedo engines 18 ENGINEERING CO 2 neutrality with alternative fuels 20 NEWS Notifications and information regarding DEUTZ 4 HIGHLIGHT ELECTRIFYING! Green light for the new E-DEUTZ strategy 6 Electrification made to measure In an interview: CEO Dr Frank Hiller 11 ELECTRIP DEUTZ EVENT WEEK, 18–21 September 2018 12 Intermat 2018: hybrid drives conquer the off- highway segment We are aiming for market leader­ ship in the field of innovative off-highway drive systems with the E-DEUTZ strategy. DEUTZ is establishing a competitive position for itself at an early stage. Dr Frank Hiller, Chief Executive Officer of DEUTZ AG