A P P L I C A T I O N P E R F O R M A N C E E M I S S I O N D R I V E S Y S T E M M A T E R I A L H A N D L I N G 1 0 0 K W E U S T A G E I V E L E C T R I C 11 DEUTZ INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES With the DEUTZ modular product kit, customers receive the ideal drive system for all segments, performance classes and emission specifications. The entry into modularity is no longer selected by the engine, but by the customer’s required power class in kilowatts. In the chosen performance class, the customer can select his favorite drive system technology from the modular product kit of diesel, gas, hybrid and all-electric drive systems. If market requirements change, DEUTZ customers can quickly switch to a different drive system technology. Not only do companies become more flexible and faster, they can also calculate the risk of changing market demands more easily. Furthermore, the modular product kit is not limited to a choice between different drive system concepts. Another supplement will be so-called “kits”, which are applica- tion-specific. Cooling kits, dust kits or specific kits for agricultural applications are already being planned. KOBELCO RELIES ON ALL-ELECTRIC Agile, powerful and quiet: KOBELCO’s mini excavator is particularly suitable for building renovations or for gar- dening work and landscaping. The challenge for the con- struction site and its surroundings: keeping the noise and emissions as low as possible. KOBELCO is presenting its first mini excavator (SK17SR) fitted with an all-electric drive at bauma 2019. DEUTZ AG, as KOBELCO’s tech- nology partner, has supplied a state-of-the-art E-DEUTZ drive system for the 1.7 tonne machine. The concept brings together DEUTZ’s electrification solutions with KOBELCO’s experience in the development of ultra-effi- cient construction equipment for urban applications. The result is a high-performance, zero-emission excavator with extremely low operating noise and reduced lifecy- cle costs. KOBELCO and DEUTZ are planning to bring the SK17SR to production readiness within the next two years and launch it on the European market in 2021.