In order to use these technologies efficiently, DEUTZ has developed a product kit that combines traditional solutions, such as diesel or gas, with electric drive systems. First electric systems in prototype machines were unveiled in September last year. For these prototypes, DEUTZ engineers converted two telescopic handlers, which are powered by default with a 74 kW TCD 3.6 diesel engine, to a hybrid and fully electric drive system in the Cologne development plant. The components of such solutions include batteries and battery management system, electric motors, power electronics, charger, thermal management and a control panel for voltage levels 48 V and 360 V. The industrialization of these drive systems now follows under the key word E-DEUTZ: The focus hereby is on the interface to the customer. The control panel, diagnostic concept and function interface are designed identically – regardless of whether the drive system is configured purely elec- trically or as a hybrid drive system in parallel, serial or combined versions. Moreover, DEUTZ offers a modular battery pack to integrate the battery into the machine. Subsequently, the package is designed for the available space. In 2020, a lead system is supposed to be launched on the market. DEUTZ is thus bringing a modular process to series level that offers each customer an individual drive system: the best possible choice of diesel, gas or electric technologies with the brand prom- ise of high-quality engineering. Dr. Markus Müller is Senior Vice President, Product Development & Technical Customer Support 13 DEUTZ E-DEUTZ MARKET-READY HYBRIDS AND FULLY ELECTRIC PRODUCTS INITIAL ROLLOUT FIRST RELEVANT SALES 5–10% REVENUE SHARE WITH ELECTRIFIED DRIVE SYSTEMS 2020 2021 2022