23 DEUTZ DIGITAL – STRONG SERVICE ALGORITHMS FOR PREVENTIVE SERVICE This includes the electronic service book as well as preventive measures based on en- gine data and their logical connection. “For us, this is an evolutionary process, start- ing with basic tools such as an electronic service book to a fully integrated telemetry solution,” says Andreas Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Central Service at DEUTZ. “The latter enables ongoing monitoring as well as preventive service measures – including on the basis of intelligent algorithms. In a way, even mechanical repairs will become digital: We are working on a supporting augmented reality system that will provide technicians in the field with all the information they need digitally at the right time.” DIGITALIZATION IN THE SERVICE SECTOR IS UNSTOPPABLE – VISIT US AT THE DEUTZ SERVICE LOUNGE AT BAUMA 2019 AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! ENGINE ■ Fast coupling of DEUTZ motors via Bluetooth ■ Clear presentation of the engines ■ Management of engines and setting of individual maintenance windows DIAGNOSIS ■ Analysis dashboard with live data display of engines ■ Perform power measurements and record measurement series ■ Read error log and send to dealer with 1-Click SERVICE ■ Direct search for local service contacts by map ■ Quick contact established with dealer via email or phone ■ Easily send report with measure- ment data by email DEUTZ CONNECT APP AT A GLANCE