EDITORIAL DEAR READERS, revolution – admittedly a big word. But major political upheavals, such as 1789 in France or 1989 in Berlin, are not the only events that deserve this term. Our industry, machine and engine manufacturing, has also seen many such groundbreaking changes. Almost 150 years after the invention of the combustion engine as a key driving force of the 20th century, we are putting a lot of effort into the search for state-of-the-art drive systems: Digitalization, sustainability and efficiency are chang- ing our business. Expect no less than to experience the dawn of a new era at this year’s bauma trade fair, which has always been the heartbeat of the industry. Therefore, our assertive trade fair claim is “Revolu- tionizing Power”, emphasizing our contribution to this development and our claim to be the oldest, but more importantly, the most future-shaping engine manu­ facturer. Our exhibition package: not just a lot of new engines, but a whole system for efficient development of cutting-edge drive systems – from electric to gas to hydrogen (from page 8). We also take a look at the digital future of the service business (page 22). An overview of globally applicable emission standards, which are not hard for us to meet thanks to our new modular product kit, shows that our business is subject to political conditions. Have fun reading this edition. Yours Dr. Frank Hiller