12 REGARDLESS OF CONVENTIONAL FUEL OR ELECTRICITY, A DRIVE SYSTEM MUST ALWAYS BE SUITABLE FOR THE APPLICATION. DEUTZ OFFERS ITS CUSTOMERS A MODULAR PRODUCT KIT THAT INTELLIGENTLY COMBINES THE ADVANTAGES OF DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES. A FIRST STEP IN THIS DIRECTION IS THE ADVANCEMENT OF ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEMS. DEUTZ E-DEUTZ Machines with DEUTZ technology are used in a wide variety of areas, but mainly in construction machinery or in agriculture. In order to offer the best possible performance in every environment, it is important to adapt each drive system to the individual needs. While all-electric solutions enable locally emission-free opera- tion, hybrid drive systems compel with lower fuel con- sumption and less complex exhaust gas after-treatment. The classic diesel engine then covers a medium load, while the connected electric motor supports a “boost function” at peak power. Seamless interaction is en- sured by an intermediate flange gearbox that connects the systems with each other. TORQEEDO ACQUISITION START OF THE E-DEUTZ STRATEGY 2018 CONSTRUCTION OF HYBRIDS AND ALL- ELECTRIC PROTOTYPES FIRST CUSTOMER PROJECT WITH THE MANITOU GROUP 2017 2019 INTRODUCTION OF THE MODU- LAR PRODUCT KIT ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEMS MADE TO MEASURE AUTHOR: DR. MARKUS MÜLLER FLEXIBLE DRIVE SOLUTIONS: THE WAY INTO THE FUTURE